Frequently Asked Questions

  1. SO WIFI

    1. 1. What is SO WIFI?

      SO WIFI is a proven effective solution for small business, hospitality, retail and enterprises that seek to get more turnover from their location, without investing in expensive or complicated marketing efforts.


      By installing a SO WIFI hotspot in your business, you can extract information from your visitors, customers and passer-by’s, so that you can increase profitability, and make highly leveraged decisions that can break your business through to the next level.


      The digital SO WIFI platform allows you to advertise to your visitors both online and offline, do highly relevant market research, and generate more revenue out of any location-based business model.

    2. 2. Who is SO WIFI for?

      SO WIFI is ideal for retail, hospitality, small business, airports, taxi’s or special venues like museums and sports arena’s.

      It’s currently being used by over 20.000 small businesses – including bars and café’s, but also dozens of Multinationals with each hundreds of venues.

    3. 3. How does it work?

      You simply install a SO WIFI hotspot in your location, and start giving fast and easy guest-WiFi for your customers.


      Every time a guest logs onto your WiFi with their own Social Media or e-mail account, you gather their contact information and other valuable analytics.


      In exchange for enjoying your free guest-WiFi, they automatically ‘Like’ your Facebook page, and thereby boost your online reputation. But even more importantly: you now also have the ability to contact them at any time after.


      You can contact your list in many different ways; including e-mail, personalized or automated messages, and Social Media. The SO WIFI Dashboard gives you all the necessary tools, and gives you many different ways of making this really easy on yourself. Advertising to your customers has never been this easy – or cost effective! SO WIFI even allows you to automatically ask for, and receive TripAdvisor reviews.


      The Dashboard also gives you highly advanced analytics and statistical insights into who your customers are, where their interests lie, and how you can serve them even better. SO WIFI really is your ‘1 stop solution’ for growing your business to the next level.


      Get a FREE DEMO here.

    4. 4. How do I get SO WIFI!?

      You can simply order here, and we will send it straight to your doorstep! It’s a matter of “plug & play,” so installing SO WIFI is extremely simple to do yourself.


      You can also ask us to come and install it for you – free of charge! Contact your local SO WIFI office here.


      And of course we also have a support team ready to help you at any point along the way.

  2. Billing

    1. 1. How much does it cost?

      This depends on the size of your business, and where you are located. We have SO WIFI in over 38 countries, and many partners Worldwide. See the SO WIFI Order Page here for general pricing, or send as an e-mail at

      We have custom pricing for larger venues and corporate enterprises.

    2. 2. Do I get a contract?

      Yes, we have 12, 24 or 36 year plans. We have customized plans for larger venues and corporate enterprises.

      Receive a free demo to find out which plan is best for you.

    3. 3. How can I cancel?

      Easy! Just send us an e-mail with your cancellation request to, at least 3 months before the end of your contract.

      We will take care of the cancellation procedure from there on out, and have someone pick-up the router after your subscription is finished.

    4. 4. What payment options are available?

      SO WIFI plans are annual subscriptions, and are paid 1 year upfront through Direct Debit.

    5. 5. Where do I find my contract / invoices?

      You can find all of your customer information, including your contract and invoices inside the SO WIFI dashboard.

  3. Technical

    1. 1. How fast can I install SO WIFI?

      SO WIFI is very easy and fast to install. You can have it running within 10 minutes!

    2. 2. Does SO WIFI work at my location?

      All you need is an internet connection. Leave the rest up to us. SO WIFI will supply you with a hotspot in most cases, but you can also use your own hardware if that is a better option for you.

    3. 3. Will our internet be safe and secure?

      Yes, SO WIFI has the highest levels of security, and allows you to give free guest Wi-Fi to your guests worry-free.

      SO WIFI runs completely separately from your cash-register and other devices.

    4. 4. What if we use other devices on our Wi-Fi network?

      SO WIFI runs on completely separate of your cash-register and other devices, so you can have SO WIFI at your location without any interference.

    5. 5. Through which Social Media channels can people login?

      People can log onto the SO WIFI network with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter or e-mail.

    6. 6. What if my guests don’t have Social Media?

      It’s completely fine. People can log onto your Wi-Fi with e-mail as well, or even skip the login procedure if desired.

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