Frequently Asked Questions

  1. SO WIFI

    1. 1. What is SO WIFI?

      SO WIFI is a marketing tool that allows companies with physical venues to know who their customers are and to contact them directly and automatically with targeted advertisements, pertinent information and loyalty programs.


      Depending on the login method SO WIFI collects:

      -Demographic information
      Name, Surname, Gender, Age, Birthdate

      -Contact information
      E-mail address, phone number, social profile ID’s

      -Digital information
      Mac Address, IP address, Time stamp

    2. 2. Who is SO WIFI for?

      SO WIFI is ideal for any brick and mortar business, large and small.

      We have a strong footprint in retail, hospitality, small business, airports, taxi’s and special venues like museums and sports arenas.


      Currently, our services help over 20.000 businesses worldwide connect with their customers – including bars, café’s, and dozens of Multinationals with each hundreds of venues.

    3. 3. How does it work?

      SO WIFI is a simple system, all it requires is an internet connection.


      SO WIFI will offer every customer that comes in to a venue a chance to connect to your Free Wi-Fi through an e-mail address or a social media account.


      By connecting to your Wi-Fi network through our systems, the customers agree to sharing some of the personal information connected to their social accounts and devices. Our dashboard collects this information and then enables you to use this information for marketing and direct targeting purposes such as emailing and Facebook targeting.


      The Dashboard gives you highly advanced analytical and statistical insights into who your customers are, where their interests lie, and how you can serve them even better.


      At some venues, the customers login by themselves, at others, they need a little convincing through an incentive such as a discount upon connecting or free gift etc.


      We are happy to help you think of the best solutions to activate your clients for you.


      Interested? Get a FREE DEMO here.

    4. 4. Can I install SO WIFI myself?

      In most cases it’s a matter of “Plug & Play,” so installing SO WIFI is extremely simple to do yourself.

      Our support team is ready to help you at any point along the way.

      For further information about installation please have a look at our How do I install page here.

    5. 5. How do I get SO WIFI?

      You can simply order here. We will activate your license and send the necessary hardware straight to your doorstep or connect you to a local dealer.

    6. 6. Is SO WIFI GDPR compliant?

      Yes, SO WIFI and its services are 100% compliant with the rules and regulations as set by the new GDPR laws. SO WIFI is also compliant with local rules and regulations as set per country. Feel free to have a look at our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement which every user is mandatory to accept prior to login.



  2. Billing

    1. 1. How much does it cost?

      The cost of SO WIFI depends on the size and complexity or your venue as well as the region your business is located.


      SO WIFI is active in over 38 countries please see the SO WIFI Order Page here for general pricing, or send us an e-mail at


      Should you have multiple venues, we are happy to look at custom pricing for your business.

    2. 2. Do I get a contract?

      Yes, you get a contract. SO WIFI works with 12, 24 or 36 month plans. We have customized plans for larger venues and corporate enterprises.

      Please speak with our sales team here to find out which plan is best for you.

    3. 3. How can I cancel?

      You can cancel up to 3 months before the end of your contract. In order to cancel, you need to send us an e-mail with your cancellation request to


      The email should include the name and address of your venue, the name and address of your business, it should clearly state your name, surname, telephone number and your role in the company.


      We will take care of the cancellation procedure from there on out. Someone will pick-up the router after your subscription has finished.

    4. 4. What are the payment options?

      SO WIFI plans are annual subscriptions. They are paid per 1 year upfront through Direct Debit. For large customers and chains, we apply custom payment terms.


    5. 5. Where do I find my contract / invoices?

      You can find all of your customer information, including your contract and invoices inside the SO WIFI dashboard under
      “Settings” select location: “Files”.


    6. 6. I have a question about my payments or invoice, who should I contact?

      Please have a look at our directory for your local office here.

      For the head office, please contact our Finance team at or give us a call at 0031 20 715 57 58 and choose the 3rd option.

  3. Technical

    1. 1. Will SO WIFI work at my venue?

      Please have a look at the How do I install SO WIFI? Article 2 here.

    2. 2. How can I install SO WIFI?

      SO WIFI works either with a standard hotspot solution an in-between solution or a system integration.


      The hotspot solution is very simple and well adapted to small/medium venues.

      The requirements for this solution are as follows:

      – Internet connection (DHCP)
      – Power outlet
      – Minimal internet speed of 25Mbit


      The in-between solution is very simple and well adapted to medium/ large venues. The requirements for this solution are as follows:

      – Internet connection (DHCP)
      – Existing Wi-Fi network
      – Power outlet
      – Minimal internet speed of 25Mbit


      Please have a look here for our technical installation video.


      Give us a call and we will gladly advise or help with the installation, click here for your local SO WIFI office.


      When using a system integration, please have a look here for the list of complete compatible devices and integration manuals.

    3. 3. Will our internet be safe and secure?

      Yes, your internet will be safe and secure. Our system offers isolated connections to your guests by default. Guests are not able to monitor activity or have direct access to your network. We offer peer to peer connection security and block these network type’s requests automatically. Furthermore, you will be adhering to the legal standards to offering free Wi-Fi as set in your country.


    4. 4. Will SO WIFI interfere with other devices on our network?

      Thanks to our speed regulation system, you will decide how much bandwidth to attribute to SO WIFI and its users, thus always leaving enough bandwidth for your other systems such as your alarm system, music installation and cash register.


      By using a VLAN and fixed Wi-Fi Channel setting, there is little to no chances of interference with your existing network hardware and Wi-Fi systems.


    5. 5. How can people log in?

      People can log in using the login methods you chose to offer depending on your needs and goals for the tool.


      Our system permits login in with the following methods:

      – Facebook
      – Instagram
      – Twitter
      – LinkedIn
      – VK
      – E-Mail
      – Voucher


    6. 6. What if my guests do not have social media accounts?

      Should your guest require it, you can choose to offer an e-mail login option, a skip log-in option and voucher login option.


    7. 7. I have existing Hardware, can SO WIFI integrate into it?

      Please review our compatible hardware list to see if yours is in there.

      Should it not be, we offer an alternative solution called an “in-between box”.


    8. 8. List of compatible hardware

       Please see below the third party hardware that is currently supported for integration with SO WIFI.

      – Aruba
      – Cisco
      – Meraki 
      – Mikrotik (beta – currently testing)
      – Ruckus (SmartZone)
      – Ruckus (ZoneDirector)
      – Ruckus (Unleashed)
      – Lancom (available on request)
      – Icomera
      – Xclaim Wireless
      – Zyxel UxG
      If you would like to have addittional hardware supported please contact us at
    9. 9. How do I reset my SO WIFI hotspot/In-between box / Extender (Zyxel router)?

      Resetting your SO WIFI device can be done in two easy steps:


      For the SO WIFI hotspot and in-between-box:

      1. Check the cable connection between your internet modem and the SO WIFI device. The network cable should be connected from the LAN port of the modem to the WAN port of the hotspot/in-between-box.
      2. Disconnect the hotspot/in-between-box from the power. After a minimum of 10 seconds, reconnect the power and wait at least 3 minutes for the hotspot/in-between-box to fully restart itself.

      For the SO WIFI extender:

      1. Disconnect the extender box from the power. After a minimum of 10 seconds, reconnect the power and wait at least 3 minutes for the extender box to fully restart itself.
    10. 10. What address are emails from the SO WIFI dashboard sent from?

      When sending e-mails out to subscribed customers via the SO WIFI Dashboard, emails are sent from an email address of your choice. This way, the customer can reply easily and the look and feel of your message is entirely branded.

    11. 11. Can end users 'opt out' of receiving your promotional material?

      Yes, customers can ‘unsubscribe’ from the service, which means their details will not be included in future email marketing you send via the SO WIFI messaging tool. A link is provided in any of the emails that you send out through our system.