Enhancing customer experience with SO WIFI

Van Heugten Tours is a young tour operator that recognizes the need for small businesses to stay innovative and wants to keep ahead of the competition. Getting significantly more Social Media followers and a larger online reach are very important towards obtaining new customers. Within a few short months of implementing SO WIFI, the tour operator received thousand of Facebook Likes, and is automatically growing a highly relevant customer contact list. They also give travelers free and easy WiFi during bus trips, and give that little bit extra that makes customers return more often. Read here how the company is able to get more out of its operation through SO WIFI:


  • More Social Media followers and Facebook Likes, for a larger online reach
  • Give travelers fast and easy guest WiFi during trips
  • Being easier to nd online by new customers
  • Having the tools to reach out to visitors and turn them into paying customers 5. Relevant customer insights…for higher leveraged decision making


  • More than 3000 Facebook Likes
  • A relevant contact list of 6000+ proven customers
  • Fast and secure WiFi for all travelers
  • Analytics and insights into who their customers really are; allowing them to make smarter decisions and further improve their service and marketing.
  • A continuous increase in new and returning customers, thanks to the marketing tools that are part of the SO WIFI Dashboard

Tim van Heugten (Owner Van Heugten Tours) says:

“I absolutely recommend it! It works well, and does what it’s supposed to. The communication with SO WIFI and its employees is enjoyable and they act fast.”

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

  1. 5-8% more returning customers

  2. In the Top 25 on TripAdvisor in your category within 6 months

  3. 2-5% more revenue per visitor; with SO WIFI, than without SO WIFI

  4. €1250 – €2400 additional monthly revenue

*Average results for 200 randomly selected small businesses with 10-50 employees