How SUBWAY grows its customer base with SO WIFI

SUBWAY is one of the most successful franchises in the Caribbean, and is highly popular with both locals and tourists. After establishing market maturity, SUBWAY sought out SO WIFI to further boost its customer base and increase overall repeat visits. The main appeals for partnering with SO WIFI were as follows:


  • SO WIFI would allow SUBWAY to boost regional social media following, and grow brand engagement effectively…
  • SO WIFI gives SUBWAY the ability to gather valuable visitor data – completely automatically. This includes age, gender, specific interests, contact details and more…
  • It allowed SUBWAY to automatically build a highly targeted and relevant contact base – entirely made up of proven visitors and customers…
  • The SO WIFI platform allowed SUBWAY to segment and contact their rapidly growing customer base directly; thereby functioning as a hyper-effective advertising platform – with almost negligable costs.
  • SUBWAY enjoys all of these benefits while facilitating fast, secured and one-click-access guest-WiFi to all of its customers and visitors.


  • 15,000+ local and highly relevant Facebook likes in < 1 year
  • 620% rise in Social Media engagement 20.000+ and growing contact database of recent customers
  • A powerful messaging platform – for highly relevant an effective advertising to new and exisiting customers
  • A significant increase in catering sales and overall turnover


“For Subway SO WIFI is the perfect marketing tool. We offer our customers the bene ts of free WIFI, keep them up to date on our promotions, reward them and get feedback on guest experience. Next to that we are increasing our presence on social media drastically with our guests as our ambassadors. That works perfectly.”