#1 on TripAdvisor with SO WIFI - in less than 2 months

A-bikes is one of the main bike rental stores in Amsterdam, but has plenty of stiff competition. The underlying motivations to start with SO WIFI were the desire to automate TripAdvisor reviews, grow the company reputation online, and obtain more Social Media followers. Within only 2 short months, the company reached #1 on TripAdvisor in its category, and has remained there since. Read here how A-Bike achieved this, and met its other goals as well.


  • Get into the TripAdvisor Top-3, and obtain more customer reviews
  • Be able to automatically ask for – and receive – TripAdvisor reviews
  • Be found easier online, and get more daily customer.
  • Obtain significantly more Social Media followers
  • Get beter customer insights…to improve customer service and make marketing efforts more cost-efficient.


  • #1 on TripAdvisor in their category
  • No longer having to ask for TripAdvisor reviews, and get reviews automatically instead
  • 1100+ proven customer contacts, which can be reached out to directly with the SO WIFI Dashboard.
  • Much better customer insight, thanks to the advanced in-store analytics by SO WIFI. For example: they discovered A-Bikes receives more Spanish customers than previously thought. This prompted them to hire an additional Spanish speaking employee, and improve their service.

Pawel Trawicki (Owner A-Bike Rentals Amsterdam) says:

“With SO WIFI we are able to automate things that we previously had to do by hand. This saves us a lot of time and money! Our business is an upwards spiral thanks to SO WIFI.”

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

*Average results for 200 randomly selected small businesses with 10-50 employees