How this Cheese Fondue Restaurant profits from SO WIFI

Het Karbeel is a populair restaurant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and is ran by the three Iwan brothers. Automating TripAdvisor reviews, building a proven customer list, and obtaining more Facebook followers were some of the main underlying motivations to get started with SO WIFI. Within a few short months, the restaurant gained several hundreds of TripAdvisor reviews, thousands of proven customers, and thousands of Facebook likes. Read here how Het Karbeel is able to leverage its location with SO WIFI:


  • Generate more TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Get more relevante Social Media followers.
  • Automatically build a contact list, which can be used to generate more returning customers and increase monthly turnover.
  • Obtain relevant insights and analytics about their location and customers, for better marketing efforts and better decision making.


  • Hundreds (500+) of TripAdvisor reviews…which allows them to be found easier and more often by new customers.
  • A contact list of 8000+ proven customers, which can be easily contacted with the SO WIFI platform, and
    incentivized to return more often.
  • 6000 Facebook Likes…for a solid online reputation and good customer engagement.
  • Analytics and insights into how their location performs, and how to further optimize this.

Eby Iwan (Owner of Het Karbeel) says:

“We are incredibly happy we are linked to TripAdvisor with SO WIFI. We no longer have to ask for reviews. This all goes automatically now. We’re also very happy with all of the Facebook Likes, it attracts new customers all the time! It’s great!”

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

  1. 5-8% more returning customers

  2. In the Top 25 on TripAdvisor in your category within 6 months

  3. 2-5% more revenue per visitor; with SO WIFI, than without SO WIFI

  4. €1250 – €2400 additional monthly revenue

*Average results for 200 randomly selected small businesses with 10-50 employees