How Ladbrokes is winning the retail battle with SO WIFI

Ladbrokes is a British betting and gambling company, with a strong presence in Belgium; owning over 300 locations. Ladbrokes owes part of its success to a strong offline presence, with thousands of locations Worldwide; dating back as far as 1886. In recent years, however, the retail industry has been on the decline while online commerce is growing exponentially.

As a result, Ladbrokes has been looking for ways to bridge its offline success into the online space. The 3-year aim is to make a drastic switch – away from retail locations, and towards generating most of its income online. Implementing SO WIFI in each of their 300 (Belgian) locations has been crucially instrumental towards making this transition, as much of the regular clientele enjoys meeting one another at local outlets.


  • Build a contact database of every person that enters a Ladbrokes location
  • Obtain highly accurate visitor insights, including age, gender, living location and more
  • Know exactly who visits Ladbrokes locations – and have the ability to contact individuals directly online
  • Create a loyalty program, and implement this using a beacon-system to send real time push-notifications to smartphones of visitors and passersby

SO WIFI and Ladbrokes partnered up in January 2016, whereafter Ladbrokes have handled the roll out themselves, mainly due to the SO WIFI system being so easy and simple to install.


  • SO WIFI is helping Ladbrokes bring thousands of customers online every day
  • Ladbrokes can now target each customer directly through various online channels – including Google Advertising and Social Media
  • Ladbrokes has activated an App-based loyalty program, which sends notifications straight to customers’ smartphones; no matter where they are in the world – A functionality enabled by the SO WIFI iBeacons.

Ladbrokes says:

“During our first meeting with SO WIFI we were actually surprised about the low costs – relative to what we got in return. We already did some research and knew about all SO WIFI could do for our business. Needless to say we went ahead and haven’t looked back since. Their services have turned out to be a crucial factor in gaining traction and winning in the online space.”