How SO WIFI helps Hunkemöller grow its customer base and personalize its marketing efforts

As one of the largest high street lingerie brands in Western Europe, Hunkemöller was in need for a high quality, yet rapidly scalable WiFi solution that could be implemented in each of their 730 stores. To determine the best possible implementation partner for this large scaled endeavour, Hunkemöller set the following key selection criteria:

Main criteria

  • Fast and easy guest-WiFi for anyone visiting its stores
  • Simple and effortless guest-WiFi; for an optimal user experience.
  • The ability to track track foot-traffic and visitor behaviour inside every location
  • Cutting edge WiFi technologies; including a beacon-system to send real time push-notifications to smartphones of visitors and passersby.
  • A robust internal WiFi network to facilitate in-store communications

Hunkemöller ultimately went forward with SO WIFI due to it’s deep experience in realizing large scaled roll-out’s for the retail sector, and has already started reaping the positive results:


  • A “total package,” including superior beacon technology, and seamless CRM software integration. Hunkemöller was ensured a future-proof marketing solution, including the best WiFi experience for their customers.


  • A highly efficient and effective roll out: SO WIFI installed the WiFi systems in all 730 stores within record-breaking time; 2,5 months.


  • Hunkemöller now supplies customers with its own mobile app, in exchange for free WiFi access. This way Hunkemöller stays in touch with its customers, even long after they have left the physical store locations. This system will also allow Hunkemöller customers to receive automated personalised offers; including loyalty points.


  • Hunkemöller now automatically collects highly detailed customer data, grow its Social Media following and expands its awareness online.


Now, one year after the full scale implementation of the SO WIFI hotspot network, the experiences by Hunkemöller are sheerly positive. Thanks to SO WIFI, Hunkemöller is able to market to their existing customers better than ever before, while simultaneously growing their customer base and brand awareness almost automatically.

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

  1. 5-8% more returning customers

  2. In the Top 25 on Tripdvisor in your category within 6 months

  3. 2-5% more reenue per visitor, witdh SO WIFI, than without SO WIFI

  4. € 1250 – € 2400 additional monthly revebue

* Average results for 200 randomly selected small business with 10-50 employees