How Hairdresser JC generates more revenue with SO WIFI

Like most small businesses, JC Hairdressers can always use a little extra word-of-mouth promotion. Harnessing the power of the internet on a local scale can be a challenge for small businesses, but this was one of the main underlying motivations to start with SO WIFI. With SO WIFI, JC Hair customers can enjoy fast and easy guest-WiFi, while JC Hair automatically collects visitor contact information and useful analytics. The SO WIFI Dashboard allows JC Hair to send automatic messages to customers every few weeks; thereby ensuring more repeat customers and a booming business.


  • Provide easy, fast and secure guest-WiFi to all customers
  • Create more online word-of-mouth promotion
  • Grow a solid reputation on Social Media
  • Collect customer insights and statistics for better decision making
  • Build a proven customer list – and promote to it automatically


  • Measurably more local word-of-mouth by JC Hair customers
  • A contact list of 4000+ proven, returning customers
  • Easy automatic messaging, resulting in signi cantly more returning customers
  • 1000+ Facebook Likes…and lots of engagement on the JC Hair Facebook page
  • Usable insights and data on how the location performs, and various tools that help JC Hair get in touch with its visitors.

JC says:

“I recommend SO WIFI to any small business owner. We see a de nite growth in our customer base, thanks to the word-of-mouth created through SO WIFI.”
-JC Muns (Owner JC Hair)

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

  1. 5-8% more returning customers

  2. In the Top 25 on TripAdvisor in your category within 6 months

  3. 2-5% more revenue per visitor; with SO WIFI, than without SO WIFI

  4. €1250 – €2400 additional monthly revenue

*Average results for 200 randomly selected small businesses with 10-50 employees