How Coke Zero succesfully penetrates the Dutch hospitality industry with SO WIFI

Coca-Cola and SO WIFI partnered up in 2014. This key strategic move allowed for the market penetration of Coke Zero in the Dutch hospitality industry. The ultimate aim was to have Coke Zero be a regular SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for every bar, restaurant, and café in The Netherlands; just like Coca-Cola Classic and Coca-Cola Light already have been for years.

Thanks to the SO WIFI partnership, Coca-Cola can offer hospitality businesses a free, high quality WiFi hotspot subscription, upon taking Coke Zero into their regular stock orders. These WiFi networks allow customers to enjoy fast and easy guest-WiFi at their favorite estab- lishment, and are even offered a free Coke Zero upon signing into the network.

Benefits for small business owners

This arrangement has great positive effects on monthly turnovers, as guests often stay around longer while enjoying free WiFi, and order more drinks when claiming the free Coke Zero.

Also hospitality business owners saw their online presence grow, as end users landed on the Social Media pages of the local businesses after signing into the WiFi successfully.

Results for Coca Cola

  • Coke Zero Zones” were realized in over 700 locations within the first year, and currently cover over 1500 locations Nationwide.
  • Coca-Cola is successfully selling Coke Zero with help of the “Coke Zero Zones” to this day.
  • Top hospitality locations see between 7000 and 7500 guest-WiFi logins per month.
  • Coca-Cola business results have escalated; Coke Zero sales have noticeably increased since the start of the campaign, and can be linked to substantial portal logins over the last two years.

Coca Cola says:

SO WIFI is deeply experienced in the hospitality industry, and has the capacity to install its services in numerous venues fast, and on short notice. SO WIFI is proud to now enter the third year of this great partnership.