SO WIFI in Museums: Casa Batlló and La Pedrera

Casa Batllo and La Pedrera by Antoni Gaudi are two of the most magnificent architectural museums in Barcelona, and famous all over the World. Being at the forefront of cultural and social developments makes these museums understand the importance of interaction with its visitors. Giving their users access to free guest-WiFi plays a crucial role for them to stay in touch with visitors after they leave, and supports their greater marketing efforts. With SO WIFI, the museums build up automated contact lists of their visitors, and uses these to generate more new monetization strategies.

1. Grow a contact list, without interfering with the visitor experience

2. Offer fast and secure free guest-WiFi, and use this to sell more tickets

3. Grow awareness and appreciation amongst past and new visitors, and increase monthly visits signi cantly

4. Find new ways to monetize the current locations, and leverage the large amounts of visitors they get on a daily basis.

  • Improved communication and interaction with visitors
  • Reduced digital advertising costs…with even better results
  • Increased relevant web traffic…and a better online reputation
  • More than 600 contacts and Social Media followers PER DAY
  • The customizable login screens have allowed visitors to buy their tickets even easier; resulting in significantly more ticket sales every day. This also allows the museum to offer othertourist services by third parties to their visitors as well; enabling entirely new monetization strategies.

Casa Batlló & La Padrera say:

“With SO WIFI we are able to offer tickets and other relevant tourist services to speci c groups of our visitors. When they’re waiting in line, or after they have left. This is adding a whole new dimension to our marketing strategy. It’s great!”

What would the typical SO WIFI results* do for your business?

  1. 5-8% more returning customers

  2. In the Top 25 on TripAdvisor in your category within 6 months

  3. 2-5% more revenue per visitor; with SO WIFI, than without SO WIFI

  4. €1250 – €2400 additional monthly revenue

*Average results for 200 randomly selected small businesses with 10-50 employees