Our story

We are World leading in providing Social WiFi, with over 20.000 clients and millions of users. Founded in 2012 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Now four years later we are a team of 100+ people, and serve over 30 countries on 5 continents. This includes the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Australia.

How we can help your business

SO WIFI enables your business to understand your guests inside and out, and provides a marketing platform to reach out to them directly. With SO WIFI you can extract information from your own visitors, guests and passersby, so that you can increase profitability, and make informed decisions that can take your business to the next level.

The digital SO WIFI platform allows you to advertise to your visitors both online and offline, conduct highly relevant market research, and generate more revenue out of any location-based business model. It’s the ideal solution for retail, hospitality, small business, airports, taxi’s or special venues like museums and sports arena’s.

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