For your clients

Your clients select your free WiFi network. Then they Like your company on Facebook and that's it, they are online. Their friends will see that they come to your company and they also become potential new clients. If you post an offer on your Facebook page your client base will see it pop up on their timeline. If those clients are in the neighbourhood, they might come by that same day.

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For you as an entrepreneur

Turn your clients into Facebook Likes! In just a few simple steps your SO WIFI Hotspot, including promotion material, will be ready for use. From that moment on the word-of-mouth advertising will take off.

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Offers, discounts and events, you advertise effortlessly and straight to the people that really matter. You clients login on your WiFi with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts or email address (practical for newsletters).

Focused advertising?
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Your monthly report provides insight and eye-openers! Who are your clients and what are their wishes or needs? And if you so wish, SO WIFI also provides your Facebook page with recruiting content.

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Chains and franchises

Does your company consist of multiple locations or are you active across the border? SO WIFI offers a complete marketing tool for your multi-location brand. In line with your own branding. It offers a dashboard which provides you with a full overview and which allows you to compare your locations.


Client insights

The dashboard also collects client details, such as gender and age. You can use this data for statistics and analyses. This, in turn, can help further your focused advertising campaigns and offers and ensures you are always up to date. The dashboard also allows you to send requests for feedback to clients with just a click of a button.Read More

Professional look


User-friendly and 
personalised client interface

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Private network


Your office network
always remains private

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Free promotional material


Order unlimited promotional material
free of charge!

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Plug & Play installation


You can quickly and easily
install it at your location 

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