SO WIFI has more than 20.000 satisfied customers including

How does it work for your business?

  1. Grow your online presence

    Visitors follow your Social Media pages, or leave their e-mail address; in exchange for guest-WiFi.

  2. Get Visitor Insights

    SO WIFI automatically gathers personal data of all your visitors. Get accurate insights in a matter of days.

  3. Initiate Contact in Real Time

    Advertise to your visitors as they log onto your free WiFi, using your own images, menu’s or promotions.

  4. Stay in Touch - Get More Return Visitors

    You can contact your visitors directly through email, Social Media or your App. Automate it entirely, or set up manual campaigns.

  5. New: grow your TripAdvisor Ranking

    Get discovered on World’s most popular review platform, and grow your ranking automatically with SO WIFI

SO WIFI Case studies

SO WIFI is a proven effective solution for small business, hospitality, retail and enterprises that seek to get more turnover from their location, without investing in expensive or complicated marketing efforts. SO WIFI allows you to significantly increase the amount of new and returning clientele your business receives, all through monetizing your guest-WiFi.

SO WIFI customers say

"We have joined forces with SO WIFI in 2014, to achieve our goals within the hospitality industry. Our partnership is based on innovation & optimisation, resulting in growing margin-adjustments. We have been working with SO WIFI with successful results."
"Our social media presence increased significantly and this tool is ideal to push our new customer feedback program. We send customers a direct message 1 day after they visited KFC to share their experiences."
"FREE Wifi is essential for our customer experience. Especially our Millenials guests are using it a lot. And with SO WIFI we get marketing & data in return. The best of both worlds."
"For Subway SO WIFI is the perfect marketing tool. We offer our customers free WIFI, keep them up to date, reward them and get feedback. It's also helped us grow a large social media following of proven customers."